Tiedt Nursery

From the Beginning 

Tiedt Nursery was established in 1989 by Val Holm. Since 1989, we have continued to grow in order to meet the ever changing needs of our expanding customer base. We strive to establish and preserve positive relationships with all of our customers and work to maintain our "hometown" business appeal. 

Tiedt Nursery through the years

Meet our Team

Val Holm
Owner of Tiedt Nursery & Landscaping
30+ years experience
Favorite Flower: Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower 
Scott Tiedt 
Project Manager
Melissa Carter
Started 2014
Favorite Flower: Zebrina Mallow
Eli Bahrenfuse
Started 2008
Mike Loftsgard
Started 1997
Project Manager
Beth Renz
Started 2016
Favorite Flower: 
Flowering Almond 
Robert Rueber
Started 2013
Kim Tiedt

Started 2008

Michael Kingery 
Started 2011
Started 2011
Darin Gonzales

Landscape Designer